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I am a videographer based in Richmond, Virginia, with 16 years experience in marketing and branding. Serving Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC and worldwide, I have one question for you; "What is the one thing holding you back from investing in content creation for your business?"

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Anyone can grab a cellphone and make a video with cool transitions and call it a day. But what truly separates your business from the competition is how it engages with the customer. Makes them loyal to you and/or your product/service. That engagement is done through impactful storytelling and beautiful imagery.

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Hi, I'm Kathleen

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18 years ago I took my first marketing class in high school and realized I wanted to help businesses connect with their customers. 14 years ago I picked up my first camera. 5 years ago I realized I could combine my experience in corporate branding and marketing with my creative side to create a visuals company that can produce content that goes beyond just holding a camera and making a cool reel for Instagram.

My approach is always with authenticity and to create content for you and your brand. Because your brand is so much more than a pretty picture or video.

This is about your story, purpose, mission and why. Commercial, branding and lifestyle videography and photography for me is about connecting to your customers beyond awesome visuals. Building trust is what turns a one time customer to repeat fans.

When you work with me, you get so much more than a creative with a camera. I'm Kathleen, a videographer based in Virginia (and everywhere because I travel) and I can't wait to meet you and learn about your content needs.

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The difference between every day stock photos to crafting a unique brand journey that turns customers into connected fans.

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